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1 Year Bulletins Survey

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1. Please tell us about yourself:
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2. What is your role in the church? (choose one)
3. Which lectionary do you use?
If Concordia Publishing House provided beautiful, translation-neutral bulletin covers that coordinated with the LSB one-year lectionary, would you consider using them?
What one year lectionary do you use?
4. What Bible translation do you currently use?
5. Do you utilize a bulletin in your regular Sunday/Saturday worship service?
Please indicate the practice that best describes your regular Sunday/Saturday worship resources
6. Please indicate the options that best describe your regular Sunday/Saturday worship bulletin (select all that apply)
7. What do you prefer in a bulletin cover image?
When making your own bulletins, what image resources do you use? (check all that apply)
When reproducing or printing your bulletin covers, do you use:
Do you use an insert supplement?